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Hello people!

The old game mode Vanilla is coming back and I want to do this with an event. The first one that kills the ender dragon will win a price. More info regarding this event will be posted tomorrow along with the release time as well.

Murder Mystery is a new game mode on BlazeVortex. It is a minigame where 1 player is the detective, 1 player is the murderer and the others are innocent.

Hope you all enjoy :)
Hi BlazeVortex.

As you guys know, we're gonna start hosting events every now and then by random staff members and so we need your ideas to make the best possible events.

If you have ideas for any kind of events, please comment here, or even better - contact any staff member (Helper+) and tell them about the idea. Since I'm not going to be the one to host them all, the staff members are the ones that are supposed to get ideas and come to the higher staff members for permission to host them.

I hope you guys are having a great summer so far,
Pringe - BlazeVortex's Manager.
Hi guys,
I did want to make a quick point to make sure you guys are aware of this and remain protected from a block from our forums.

Messages and Reactions farming are prohibited!
User cought uselessly farming messages or reactions will be banned from our forums.
As the Factions and Prison dropparties got interrupted today, compensations will be made.
Tomorrow (11/06), the dropparties for Factions and Prison will go on. Same time as always, Factions: 18.30 and Prison: 19.00 GMT+1.

Hope you enjoy.

The Kingdom server has been reset and the whitelist is officially removed.

We changed the joining system to kick and invites instead of signs. While you are waiting for a duke or king to come online you can survival in the world and get some stuff ready for yourself!

You can survival and protect your stuff with Private signs. So it can be seen as a survival gamemode if you would like that.

WARS will be disabled the coming time until the kings decide to enable it. Also, KoTH has been removed by having a poll for all kings and kingdom members.

Enjoy :)
Information Top Voters May 2017
1. HP1M with 259 votes!
2. killem12 with 206 votes!
3. AlienGirl with 137 votes!

1. €15,00 in the store, 1x ... spawner in SkyBlock/Factions
2. €10,00 in the store, 1x ... spawner in SkyBlock/Factions
3. €5,00 in the store, 1x ... spawner in SkyBlock/Factions

For the winners please leave a post here and I will PM you about it.
Summer update is officially released. Kingdom and Minigames will be getting updated later.


The SUMMER UPDATE is here! It will be released on 16:00 GMT+1 this Friday (26 May)

My exams are over and I want to celebrate this by releasing the summer update. It will not include Minigames and Kingdom updates these will be done after the release. I just want to say that this is the biggest update we have had so far in a 2 years journey. I want to thank all of you for playing my server since it started as something to play Factions with my friends and it went a bit crazy and well this is what it is now. I want to keep going with this server until it is not possible anymore for me to do it.


What will be changed? Well, let me tell you! All builds are changed and a lot of bugs and suggestions have been done. Full changelog will be somewhere down the thread.
We also changed the website logo and background that are pretty cool :)


They will be added to the website soon if they are not added yet.

Please note that this are not all builds or some may not be finished.

SUMMER UPDATE CHANGELOG: (Leave suggestions)


Improved potion mechanics on Factions, SkyBlock, Kingdom, and Prison.
Improved the economy balancing on Factions.
Improved drop party item balancing on Factions.
Improved kit name messages.
Improved the /trail menu.
Improved the /pet menu.
Improved scoreboard design.
Improved /commands.
Improved kit balancing on KitPvP.

Changed the...
Information Top Voters April 2017
1. dslag22 with 269 votes!
2. EmillehClient with 266 votes!
3. AMneia with 237 votes!

1. €15,00 in the store, 1x ... spawner in SkyBlock/Factions
2. €10,00 in the store, 1x ... spawner in SkyBlock/Factions
3. €5,00 in the store, 1x ... spawner in SkyBlock/Factions

Winners please contact me in a PM to redeem your prize!
I will be less inactive the coming weeks due to exams.
I want to let you all know that the next weeks coming I'll be less active due school exams coming and personal reasons. This means that there will be fewer updates and fixes on the server. I'm really sorry about this but I just can't get online that much the coming weeks.
CustomEnchants and Missions are again getting delayed sorry for this.

I hope you all have respect for this and understand this.

After my exams are done I want to release a big update for BlazeVortex. This update will be the biggest update we have ever had on this server.

What will this update include?

This update will mean new amazing builds by our build team. The update will also include a massive amount of bug fixes, crash fixes, lag fixes and a lot of new features to the server. There will be a brand new logo for the website and a new banner for the server lists to get more traffic to the server.

The website will get more pages with new features and also a full new design!

Plans are also made to massively upgrade the servers to get fewer lag issues. One of the most important things is that BlazeVortex will be advertised on more than 10 sites to get a bunch new players to share this big update with!

I hope that you are hyped for this! I can't wait to release it! The full changelogs for this update will be posted 1 week before the update. Keep doing suggestions I may not have the time to read them but they are getting used.

EDIT: My last exam will be on 22-5-2017 after this the summer update will be near.